Spring is here and you know what that means…..

March 26, 2012 at 5:31 pm (Uncategorized)

     The season of Spring brings all sorts of new things in my life.  The new title, An Early Spring, is entering the final phase of production and I am so excited!  The cover art is also in progress, and as soon as I have a thumbnail to share with you…..I shall post it!  We’re on track for a late May early June release date and then my baby will be free to fly and available for you all to READ!

Here’s the Story Synopsis for An Early Spring:

     With a blizzard bearing down on the mountain, Nick Gaffney went to work with the Search and Rescue Team at the Colorado Ski Resort he is employed, evacuating the vacationers occupying the mountainside cabins down to the base lodge. What should have been a standard rescue for Nick, turns into something much more life defining, when he finds the breathtaking beauty, Colby Hansen, injured and sitting up against a tree off the side of a ski trail.

     Colby is a city girl, hating the cold and snowy elements any mountain offers – until she stumbles upon Nick. His rugged good looks and charm warm her on sight, making her feel safe for the first time in years.

     Stuck for four days without power inside a mountainside cabin as the blizzard rages outside, Nick and Colby find the best source of heat comes while wrapped in each others arms and together they burn hot enough to melt a Polar Icecap.

     After the ‘damsel in distress’ meets her Mountain Man rescuer, her neat and tidy world will never be the same.

     The other big news I have to share is the construction of a brand new website!!  I expect to have that ‘live’ within a week.  Once the new site is up and running, I will post a message so you can all check it out! 

     Until next time, I wish you happy reading!

     Ann Lister ~



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